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 ♥ Master Angel Teachings

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Archangel Metatron


Working withTerra Gaia

With the new energies that are coming into this time on Terra Gaia, they are indeed for particular reasons. Some considerations must be applied to this era and energy due to the work that has gone into its being. Some of these energies are very strong and you will have to keep yourselves well anchored and grounded to be able to work with them. Know that the people on Terra Gaia will have to keep making good energies. Keep raising their standards to keep the frequencies of the vibrations pure enough to resonate. There is much to be done and the work is continuous~ Terra Gaia and her kingdoms are in much need. Do not waste any time for what ever you are doing at any one time the energies you make can be improved upon~there is always room for improvement. The more light and goodness there is the weaker are the dark forces and negative energies.

Nature is important for you, make yourselves more aware, it is knowledge that will have great value to you and those you teach~there is always more. Working with nature is a must, the way of the people having used insecticidal poisons is a catastrophe. Where are all the butterflies, ladybirds, bumble bees, and all the other insects that naturally balance nature?. Teach your young to love and respect nature, that to do so is to your own advantage and to the planets and her kingdoms. No genetic engineering against the animals nor against the foods. No, not against any of the kingdoms, time will show you the hard way which has devastating effects. Take heed, for within your hearts you know that it is so wrong.

To ascend to higher realms one realises one has to evolve to that standard. There are some people that make no effort to advance or progress in goodness and find it difficult to evolve higher. Those people are revolving around the same circle of destruction which they are making for themselves. Others are really working hard at these improvements and will evolve to ascend to higher planes. The higher you raise your standards the more others will want to raise theirs. Terra Gaia and the kingdoms deserve the very best~keep working at it getting better. We see, we watch, we are here.

 Angelic blessings

All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey