Angel Prayers       ¨´`'*°✫¸        ♥           

My Celestial Mountain

My celestial angel I pray that you will be with me on my journey up the celestial mountain. I am climbing to the top and with each step I am more aware of the work involved with every facet of the mountain. Please be with me and should I tire, please know that I have my determination and perseverance with me. I know that there will be crooks and crevices and glaciers that may be there in front of me during this climb. I know that I work with precision...I know that I have to, so that my footing is secure. I pray my celestial that you are with me all the way pushing me on should I ever falter.

I look to the top and see the celestial flame that shines upon me guiding me up, I pray that I am revitalised with inspiration to regenerate me in my times of need.

Angel blessings and thank you my Celestial Angel I for all you do to help me.

All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey

My Beautiful Angel

I know that you are with me in all that I do. I know that you will come closer to me if I need that extra closeness. There may be times in my life when I am so caught up in situations or life itself that I am not consciously thinking of you.

I want you to know my beautiful angel of my appreciation of you. I want you to know that in my having you I have something so precious and am aware of your presence.

My beautiful angel I shall treasure you always. Please keep me safe so that I can life my life with progression and advancement. Please help me advance on my spiritual path so that I can go up and on in a higher spiritual plane, realm.

My success in living my precious life is so important and I ask that you help me so that I am successful.That I never stagnate or become rusty and do not have negativeblockages.

Angel blessings my beautiful angel, know that I shall protect you also.

 All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey