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¸.✫¨´`'*°✫¸Celestial Stars of the Lotus Flower Full Moon

for August is~the Goddess of the Fields of Gold Full Moon.

The Goddess of the full moon swishes through the fields, meadows, orchards with a great excitement to see what you have grown from your seeds. She is expecting to see fields of gold and to find there are more than when she last visited.

She is acting like a quality controller to see if you have got the method of the growing correct, to see if you have progressed in this season. This is the time for an organised pattern in your life, to take stock and make space for the pending harvest coming. To place great value on those seeds sown and to learn from those that did not or could not make it for the growth of harvest. The Goddess of the fields of gold moon is very particular about making sure you are aware why particular seeds have not flourished.

Those that have made it in quality ready for reaping, then you will be made aware of those needed to be worked with now, and those to be stored for later, which seeds to sort through for preparation for the sowing of the next season.

Message is~This is a very important intuitive time to be made aware of your progression in a higher quality of evolution. To understand more fully the bigger picture from the.... why? in the beginning, and the best results you can expect from the seeds you sow. A time for quiet reflection, observing all that is around you, what your heart desires and the realisation of the, "in all reality".

Keeping the inspiration of the fields of gold full moon in a guide to act as a fuel to stimulate the determination for the fields of gold to burnish brighter.

All copyrights© owned by author Doreen Renphrey.

July's New Moon.

¸.✫¨´`'*°✫¸Celestial Stars New Moon of the Lotus Flower.

Thy Perfect Self.

Across the horizon of the celestial skies the Goddess of the new moon whispers in the cosmic breeze, with gentle words of love. She carries her Godly torch of starlit divine femininity, and showers beautiful Terra Gaia with the seeds of love for her. Each seed is sheathed with a silvery mantle that protects and nourishes with celestial nutrients the awaiting celestial cosmic egg within.

As the masculine Sun God Ra arises across the celestial dawn, these seeds are pollinated with the combustion of love. The silvery sheath of the Goddess moon allows the golden sheath of the Sun God Ra to cloak and infiltrate these precious seeds where upon they will become fertile and grow.

The message of the celestial new moon lotus flower is~

Gently soften your words at this time, hush and listen to the whisper of the cosmic winds. Work with your senses and heighten your sensitivity to sense the vibrations, which will in turn bring a more heightened awareness of the bigger picture.

Do not take things for granted but understand the spiritual components and mechanisms of perfect seeding, perfect fertility to produce a rebirth of 'thy perfect self'.

There are many wheels within the spiritual cogwheels of evolution, sensitivity, will help the discovery of more. The moon brings highly intuitive opportunities to work with the senses. Some are not being worked with at this time of technology and gadgets, do not let the senses rust.

Hush, listen, grow the antennae and feel within the quietness of sensitivity to discover what is needed to produce 'thy perfect self'.

All copyrights© owned by author Doreen Renphrey.

The Celestial Exodus.

Across the celestial star lit heavens, the celestial lotus cosmic gardens are in abundance. The angels are being attracted by the beautiful fragrance, their wings being gifted by the aromas from the gardens.

The celestial lotus's have their flames lit by the celestial ignition caused by the celestial electricity of divine love and light. The celestial phyto-electricity that the celestial lotus contains will shine their light across the galaxies.


The celestial ray's from the celestial lotus flames shower down upon beautiful Terra Gaia like a cosmic waterfall, that is cleansing and healing the planets and the kingdoms.

The celestial waterfall showers down upon all the mountains which then flows into streams of celestial love. This in turn forms into into lakes and rivers turning them into beautiful oceans. The celestial ray's shower over all the tree's, forests and woodlands, reaching to cover all the lands and kingdoms.


There will be no heart unopened.

There will be no soil or land that is parched of love.

There will be no sea or ocean that is unfulfilled.

There will be no kingdom upon the planet that can avoid the downpour of the love that the celestial stars rain down upon them.


There will be no avoiding the flood of love, where the arks are hearts with wings.

The time of the celestial floods is upon us now, that will wash and cleanse beautiful Terra Gaia and her kingdoms.

The celestial epic is upon us, the exodus has begun.

The golden arks have been coming through and mooring at their landing births, ready for that lift up to the higher planes, kingdoms, realms.


There will be no escape from the torrents of the celestial tidal waves of love.

This is the time now~there will never again in all history like this epic, since the beginning, since the Elohim. Since perfect seeds were sown~the celestial exodus has begun.

All copyrights © Doreen Renphrey.