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Angel Inspirations

  You are not alone

In those times when you feel so alone~and you feel the need for an angel to come to help you. Visualise white light around you and call to your true, pure, source, guardian angel. Speak to your angel~who truly will hear you, speak of your troubles and ask how it can be resolved.

You can build for yourself an angel sanctuary in a special place~in your garden with wind chimes and bells~crystal webs in the garden or in your sanctuary~in your home~a special place where you have that peaceful time for your angelic communication.

Suggestions~ a small table with your photo~a candle~inscense~a potted plant~a crystal~a written prayer~meditation music~an angel ornament~a white feather if you should find one, your angel journal.

Keep an angel journal of your communications~of your troubles at that time. Check back to your angel journal to fill in any troubles that were resolved. Things do not always happen instantly~but please have your faith as things sometimes take a while longer than instant.

Always greet your angel in divine love and light~after your communication, thank your angel~always show the highest respect~carefully choose words that your intentions are comprehend able for this communication. We never waste the angels precious time.

  ♥   Angelic blessings

All copyrights ©  author Doreen Renphrey