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 Angel Crystal Communicators

Crystals are millions of years old and going back through to the ancient times including the Atlantean era crystal have been documented for their wonderful healing properties. The crystals are also known in the energy field work working metaphysically.

The crystal and mineral kingdoms are of course part of this beautiful earth planets (Terra Gaia) anatomy & physiology. This must always be remembered when working with them, the respect and the intentions when working with them is of the utmost importance.

They do have spirits/souls and the spirits of them can be seen, felt and heard. The angels/oversouls of the crystals can be seen also watching over them and the jouney's they make. 

High Vibrational Angelic Communicator Crystals


Is a beautiful stone that has a connection to the angelic realms, it will uplift you and aid your elevation for your enhancment and facilitate communication. The link gives access to the higher dimensions into the beautiful worlds of serenity. Celestite will stimulate the third eye, crown and higher chakras~a beautiful jouney. 



.is a very powerful stone that will lift you up into the angelic realms. Its frequency has very high currants lifting you up very quickly to higher vibrations. Will initiate communication with your guardian angel and with very high angelic beings as the Elohims. It is a transformational stone and very enlightening. With working with such high beings it is expected that should you be made aware or enlightened on something, that you will indeed take heed of it. Caution when working with this stone because it really lifts you right up, you need to work with a grounding stone to keep your energies anchored.