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♥About Us ♥

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All copyrights © owned by author Doreen Renphrey

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I am Doreen Renphrey and a professionally qualifed alternative health practitioner and have been working in this field since 1993. please look on my other website for details.

I am an angel channeler/communiicator~ my extremely angelic~a very old soul doing my missions here on Terra Gaia.

I am a highly spiritual soul~what I call as celestial spirituality. I am a spiritual teacher and mentor

I am very much into the new consciousness which influences all that I do. I am an author and in the middle of writing a diet & nutrition book and aother on healing the animals.

I love the earth planet Terra Gaia all her kingdoms and nature. A vegan, animals/pets rights and an environmentalist.

I do what I can to grow beautiful pure seeds on the planet and encourage others to do so.

Remember it is precious to be here on the planet and what you do will be your legacy.

I also have another website~

I have 2 pages on facebook

Celestial Angel Po'etess of Ascension.

Celestial Angel Healing and Ascension Prayers for Animals and Pets.

please check it out there are varied subjects on my menu and lots of therapies/development workshops I do. This includes beautiful hand painted meditation wraps and aura essence mists, meditations, daily prayers and inspirations.

I live on the south coast of England in Dorset.